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Phill wrote:
> I can't offer any helpful suggestions. I would like to confirm that
> Fedora 11 isn't fully supporting dial up. Does anyone know for sure? I
> have several old machines that I would like to use Fedora on but I
> will need dial-up support as well. Can anyone confirm this, or suggest
> a current Linux distro that does fully support dial-up connections?

There’s a current thread called “wvdial problem” that you should read:
it seems to be dealing with the same problems. Certainly people seem to
have got dial-up to work with Fedora.

Having said that, note that you may find it difficult to keep Fedora
up-to-date over a dial-up connection: there are a lot of updates, many
of which are security-related. The yum-presto package will transfer them
more efficiently, but you may still want to occasionally plug these
systems into a faster connection (or find some other way of getting
large updates to them).

Hope this helps,


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