Re: The "other distro" to offer ppc support!

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Phil Meyer wrote:

> On 09/15/2009 05:50 PM, [email protected] wrote:
>> Speaking about "the other distro". According to Distrowatch, Karmic
>> should
>> offer ppc support, which was dropped with Feisty in April 2007:
>> Talk about having ressources at hand! If I was Shuttleworth, I could
>> think
>> of a few other projects I could use them on... I'm sure all Maccies
>> wouldn't be caught dead using Linux, will obey their Master and gladly
>> upgrade their hardware to Snow Leopard compliance within 6 months.
> The PPC CPU is used in more systems that are NOT MAC than are.

Count all the PPC processors you want, which percentage of them do you
believe run Linux. All of them are provided with an OS and the OS for RISC
processors in cars is probably designed to mesure by car manufacturers.

OTOH, maybe making a version for PPC is not that time consuming and might
be worth it? I have no idea.

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