Re: stop stupidly telling people to do "yum clean all" when it's not necessary

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On Sun, Sep 13, 2009 at 8:46 AM, Tim wrote:
> Alan Evans:
>> I presume you can otherwise use the network -- DNS working, etc. So
>> did you try "yum clean all"? I think you can even do it from one of
>> the menus in yumex.
> Why do you suggest "yum clean all"?  Would you also suggest format and
> re-install?  Why do people keep offering STUPID yum clean all advice?
> Do people even know what it does?  Does anyone think before issuing
> advice anymore?

In fact, I googled the OP's error and found multiple sources
suggesting it as a starting point. So maybe I didn't think before
posting, but I did do some research.

I have myself found that "yum clean all" apparently fixes many
problems even when I'm not sure why it should. When I have a problem
updating, I usually start with cleaning the cache and metadata just to
establish a baseline. Ninety percent of the time, this first step
makes my problem go away. But apparently that approach means I'm

> It's rarely ever necessary.  It wipes out your entire cache of
> downloaded packages, forcing you to get them again if you're part way
> through downloading/updating, wasting your bandwidth, time, and the
> server.

Given the OP's complaint, I didn't imagine that he was part way
through downloading anything.

> To clean the data about what's available to yum, simply use "yum clean
> metadata".
> People, stop issuing stupid advice.  Yes, it IS "stupid" advice, it's
> offering things without due thought.  That is what being stupid means.

Well, I'm sorry that I'm stupid. In the future, if I think I might be
able to help someone, I'll just keep my mouth shut.

Community assistance, indeed.

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