rawhide install: 20090907 rawhide installs, some things broken

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Successfully installed rawhide today. Had to radeon.modeset=0 (Radeon QD 7200 r100) and xdriver=vesa for the installer to work. Once installed, can go back to the ati driver only needing the radeon.modeset=0 for operation.
gnome-applets(gswitchit) workspace-switcher "preferences" are broken.
Trying to do 9 desktops in 3 rows pulls up a preferences dialog with
zero's in the boxes and unable to change them in any way.
Yumex hangs with a detected corrupted doubly-linked list from glibc. The
message is labeled as coming from Yum, so it may be an error in the
repodata for 20090907 rawhide. Smart-gui also hangs for a long time.
Unable to install kde after the fact due to a dependency loop of some kind.

No bugzilla at this time.

G.Wolfe Woodbury

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