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On Mon, 2009-08-24 at 18:54 +0930, Tim wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-08-24 at 14:28 +0530, sandeep Patel wrote:
> > How shall I change my login screen.
> In what way?  Change from GDM to KDM?  Change the background picture?
> The screen resolution?  Something else?
> > And how i shall open my root account.
> By default, it doesn't let you log in graphically as root.  Do you
> really need to do that?  It's, generally, a VERY BAD idea.  The best
> solution is, usually, to log in as yourself, then "su -" in the command
> line to become root, and issue the commands you want.  Or run the
> graphical tool that you want to use, through the menus, and type in the
> root password when prompted.
> If you really do need to log in graphically as root, which I highly
> doubt ("want" does not equal "need"), then you can change a
> configuration option to allow that.  However, I do not remember it,
> since I haven't needed/wanted to do something like that in several
> years.  Search the list, you'll find someone detailing the procedure.
> -- 
Enable Root Login

> how do I enable root login

Edit /etc/pam.d/gdm, find the line with the expression that
says something like "user != root" on the end of the line and
remove that expression from the end of the line.

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