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>> You've in advertently turned on some desktop feature for the blind?
> Well, I don't know, but I don't think so...
> Recently I've changed from Xfce4 to pekWM, and I'm using a customized
> menu, with nothing related to features for blind.
When did this start again?
> Moreover, I think this is not a Firefox problem now, because it also
> happens with Midori (as I said before) and I verified the same behavior
> in Konkeror right now.
Indeed, that's why I asked if you had altered a desktop setting.

I'd have a look at the config file for your WM. The site for pekWM
seems to have good documentation but I haven't actually tried to work
with it so YMMV.
Verify your config , I know there is a fontstring attribute , might
this be your problem?

I have tried ice and flux, both work well once you get the config
right but it can be a pain to get everything just so, usually i just
sell out here and use GNOME or KDE :^)

Under Themes and Autoproperties you may find some enlightenment.

I'm obviously inclined to think its the window manager, maybe some odd
keyboard shortcut you inadvertently pressed? Its happened to me.

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