Re: thunderbird 3.0b3 update changes

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On Saturday 15 August 2009 01:29 PM, Christoph A. wrote:

I upgraded the thunderbird package on my fc11 and have now 3.0b3,
beside the changed icons,
Yeah this kinda scared me until your message. They are very similar to
the icons used by claw (I have it installed), and I was thinking did I
screw something up to mess and mix-up the icons. :P
On thunderbird 3.0b2 it was possible to hide some informations in the
bar which resides on top of the message - this made this bar much
smaller and left more space for the messagebox it self.
It seams that button/feature has been removed..?

I can confirm this too, it was a very useful feature now its gone. :(

However I did notice that there is a thread preview instead of displaying the first message if I select a collapsed thread. Very neat indeed. :)

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