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Hi Richard,

On Saturday 15 August 2009 12:04 PM, Richard Hughes wrote:
Basically, the problem is that Linux is quite capable of running old
versions of libraries that no longer exist. But imagine this scenario:

So sure, you don't /have/ to reboot, but you're not going to get the
benefit (or the protection) of the newly installed updates until you
do. Thinking otherwise is incorrect. You might have thought that Linux
is magic and can update shared libraries behind the scenes and
programs automatically switch to the new installed instance, but it
can't, sorry.

I think I have noticed this a number of times, but I am not exactly
sure. PackageKit seems to not differentiate between logouts and
restarts. So after kernel updates it would say restart is needed which
is perfectly reasonable, but it would say the same for something
requiring just a logout. Am I remembering incorrectly or have others
noticed this too? If that is indeed the case then the OP's problems
might be related and this could be a bug in packagekit.
Thank you.


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