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On Tue, Aug 04, 2009 at 08:45:22PM -0700, Markus Kesaromous wrote:
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> > Markus Kesaromous wrote:
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> >> Is there a low-level HD formatter for linux?
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> Why I need to do low level formatting?
> Disk monitor is reporting 93 uncorrectable sector errors.

After you archive any data to another device
look at the disk with vendor specific tools.   Modern
drives keep a log of hardware events and errors.   These
logs are IMPORTANT and informative.

For example a laptop with an ill disk I just repaired noticed that it
had been dropped (g-force sensor).   We were able to read the data but
writes mostly failed.

You did not say if these are uncorrectable read or write
errors.   In general disks will spare a bad block ONLY
on a write.   93 defects all on one track might be OK in 
some cases but as others noted plan to replace it.

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