Intel DX58S0 (i7) motherboard and pci=nommconf

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I asked about this the other day with no response so I'll bring it up again,
and include some detail that may be useful to others.

This computer is has an Intel i7-940 CPU and a DX58S0 motherboard.  I have
updated it to the latest bios that's available from Intel's website.

With the default Fedora 11 installation, it will hang up on a warm boot.  When
it boots normally it shows a quick "Intel" splash screen, the Grub, then loads
Fedora 11.  If I warm boot it, most of the time it hangs up either right before
or right after the Intel splash screen, with a black screen and a flashing
cursor at the top left-hand side.

If I cold-boot it (turn the machine off for a minute then turn it back on) it
boots up and works fine.

After much experimenting I have discovered that this problem seems to go away
(at least so far) if I put "pci=nommconf" into my grub.conf file.

Therefore, if anyone else has one of these motherboards, you might want to try
"pci=nommconf" and see if that solves the problem.

I still don't completely understand what it is that I am giving up or changing
by using pci=nommconf.  This computer appears to perform just as well with that
line as without it.  So what is the advantage of pci=mmconf (the default)
versus pci=nommconf?  Or are we just looking at two different routes to the
same destination?

MELVILLE THEATRE ~ Melville Sask ~

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