Methods of setting Disk Partitions.

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Is there a better way to setup the disk partitioning?
Usually, I've let the installation just create the partitions, and it has created 
the small boot partition and then the LVM with the rest of the space. With 
smaller disk this is OK, but with large disks the LVM partition is huge, so 
doing image backups takes like 1 hour 30 minutes for a 250GB disk. I've 
tried to adjust the size, but the best method I've come up with so far is this.

Just installed a new X64 system with a 500GB disk, and ended up during the 
install switching to screen 2, and using fdisk to create a 200MB /dev/sda1 
and 40GB /dev/sda2 and then created a FAT32 partition /dev/sda3 with the 
rest of the space. Then wrote the setup to disk. Then used fdisk to delete the 
first two partitions. Then continued with the install, and told it to use free 
space, and it installed just using space at the beginning. After finishing, I was 
able to reformat the /dev/sda3 to ext4 as a test.

This way I can quickly do an image of the boot and the LVM parition to be 
able to restore the machine if needed.


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