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Hi guys,

I'm trying to create an script to verify some databases and their privileges.

I have all of them in some files with the following format:

Being all of them MySQL servers and the first one the master and the rest of the just the slaves.

I only want to check the privileges in the slaves and I've created the following statement:
for i in `cat file1_cluster`; do echo -n $i: && mysql -h$i -uroot -pwhatever -e"show grants for 'user'@'10.10.%.%';" | grep -i "REPLICATION CLIENT" | wc -l ; done > /tmp/privs

Keep in mind I just want to know the slaves which doesn't have the REPLICATION CLIENT privileges, just that.
So that will write in /tmp/privs something like:

Being the value 0 a machine which doesn't have REPLICATION CLIENT privilege and 1 being the value which mean it does.

The thing is, how can I do the "for" loop to avoid reading the first line of the file: file1_cluster, file2_cluster etc...cause the master will never have replication client privileges.

After reading the /tmp/privs with another for, I will use cut -d ":" -f to look for values distinct from 0 and do a mail -s to the admins.

Any help will be more than appreciated.

Thanks a lot
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