Re: Sorta OT - anyone replaced MSFT Sharepoint with any OSS products?

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On 08/02/2009 08:07 PM, Thomas Cameron wrote:
All -

I have a friend who owns a small business and who uses Microsoft Office
SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007.  As you might suspect, it's a car with
the hood welded shut, and I hate it.  I help him out with IT stuff and
I've had to fight MOSS 2007 for some time.  It is agonizingly painful,
and it's a massive security risk as far as I'm concerned.

I've heard that Alfresco can replace MOSS.  Anyone got any experience
with this kind of migration?


Sharepoint is another MS 'embrace extend extinguish' effort. In this
case the 'standard' is WEBDAV that they butchered.
There are many really good WEBDAV based projects out there. Start at
To illustrate, if you have a webdav enabled apache server available, you
can use any modern version of MS Word to save or retrieve from it, using
a complete URL in the file name.
Happy hunting!

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