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>> What I am doing is: installing an os (first fedora but gave up because
>> of bugs then cent) in Virtualbox tweeking cpu settings.  Getting it
>> configured to run headless + amd geode processor + other things. then
>> once it is ready I run
>> VBoxManage internalcommands  converttoraw
>> .VirtualBox/HardDisks/cent.vdi cent.raw
>> which converts the Vbox image to a raw image readable by dd. Then w/
>> dd i write it to the cf card. put the cf card in my embedded appliance
>> and see if it works.  I have been tweaking and reinstalling for the
>> last day or two.  I got cent working today on this board.
> I'm slightly surprised you can get the VM to match your hardware closely
> enough, but interesting nonetheless.
>> With a 4G image it took about 45 min to convert to raw then write to
>> cf card. Because I kept redoing it I was looking to shorten that
>> conversion time.
>> on current ubuntu if I just type VBoxManager i am given a list of
>> option one of which is converttoraw.
> % VBoxManage |grep convert
> VBoxManage convertfromraw   <filename> <outputfile>
> VBoxManage convertfromraw   stdin <outputfile> <bytes>
> %
> So no "converttoraw" here, using
> VirtualBox-3.0.2_49928_fedora11-1.x86_64

sry wrong instructions

/# VBoxManage internalcommands  | grep convert
  converttoraw [-format <fileformat>] <filename> <outputfile>
  converthd [-srcformat VDI|VMDK|VHD|RAW]
       converts hard disk images between formats

In vbox i ended up turning off all modern features in the cpu. Then
anaconda would install the appropriate kernel.

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