Re: How to gut &%$#&#@ Firefox?

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Tim wrote:
> On Sun, 2009-08-02 at 21:21 -0500, Thomas Cameron wrote:
>> Not minimizing your pain, but I don't understand the problem.  The
>> language packs are pretty small - all told they come out to about 17MB
>> on my system.  Even if you don't use them, then that's not a lot of
>> disk space or network transfer volume.
> If you running on a computer with limited space, such as flash RAMs on
> those mini laptops, then the more space you can save, the better.  17
> megs here, 10 megs there, it all adds up.  And I have noticed that it's
> quicker to start Firefox when they're all disabled.
If it is really true that start up is quicker with them disabled, and I
have serious doubts about it, then the code to pick which *single*
language pack is seriously broken. 

I would think the logic is.....

If environment is *not* en_US load langpack-XX (if enabled), continue.

I can't see the logic being much more extensive than that.....   I can't
envision any programmer going through the list of enabled language packs
and wasting time....unless we are talking about an MS product...  :-)
> Thankfully, the last few Firefox updates haven't re-enabled all the
> languages that I had disabled.  I notice a few new ones get added, from
> time to time, and they will be enabled by default.

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