Re: Conf File Backup Idea

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Thom Paine wrote:
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll have a look at some of them and see
if I can figure something out.

I don't mind manually making lists of files as I start working with
them. What really prompted this was that I have some home automation
working really well on an old server I had. One power outtage that
lasted longer than 30 minutes while I was away from home, two hard
drives in the array went offline. I thought the whole server was lost
and last night I dusted it off and rooted around in the adaptec
interface and was able to force them both back online and bring the
array back up. I quickly copied off my heyu files but I got to
thinking if there was a way to automatically rsync files somewhere
when I edit them, it would make things simpler on a server I have no
need to completely back up, yet have some good info on it.

How about a shell script that starts up an editor, for you to edit a given file, then backs it up to a remote server?

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