Re: Rhythmbox no longer "sees" ipod

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2009/7/29 Robert L Cochran <[email protected]>:
> I'm having this problem with banshee and amarok, on Fedora 11 too. The
> advice I was given is to wait for it all to be fixed.
> I hope gnupod will work.
> I didn't upgrade, I did a clean install of Fedora 11 but from the days of
> the beta.
> I wonder if all this stuff will work as expected on Ubuntu...hmmm....I do
> have a Ubuntu virtual machine installed.
> Bob
> On 07/28/2009 05:00 PM, Eric Mesa wrote:
>> Upgraded to F11 yesterday.  My iPod appears to be loaded as a removable
>> drive instead of an ipod based on the icon on the desktop.  Rhythmbox
>> doesn't see it.  I am able to transfer podcasts to it using Gtkpod, so
>> that part of it works.  I just think it doesn't work wrt notifying
>> Rhythmbox that it's an iPod.  It may be related to the issue the other
>> guy was having in here with Amarok.  Also, in one of his emails he
>> mentioned a friend having a problem with Banshee.
>> Is there a setting that has changed that I need to tweak somewhere?

Same problem here. Is there a bug report on this somewhere? It won't
ever be fixed if not...


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