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On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 6:41 PM, Sharpe, Sam
J<[email protected]> wrote:
> I've spoken to a lot of 14-18yr olds in the course of my volunteer
> work and I'm still continually amazed about what has changed in the
> average kid's life. Now they come home from school and spend their
> time playing computer games and messaging their friends on Bebo,
> MySpace and Facebook. There's no real understanding among the majority
> of computer users of how it works, how you program it and how to fix
> it any more - the fundamental way they are using computers is
> completely different to how I was brought up. An operating system is
> now a gateway to the services you use - as long as you can get the
> same IM programs, p2p and websites that all your mates are using,
> what's under the hood just isn't a factor any more.
There in lies the problem, no cares how it gets done but what is worse
is that there is an assumption by most computer users that safety and
security are inherent in software design. This just ain't true. The
lack of concern for what is under the hood is the reason the world is
in the state it's in.

I do however see g's point. If my girlfriend ever out did me on the
computer then you can bet I'd get my act together quick ; ^)

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