Re: Package kit notification of uprade available

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On 07/20/2009 08:29 PM, Claude Jones wrote:
> On 7/20/2009 3:32 AM, Richard Hughes wrote:
>> Yes. PackageKit uses:
>> yumbase.conf.yumvar['releasever']
>> to get the current release version. If this still happens after a
>> reboot, please open a bug with the component yum, and state that
>> releasever isn't being detected
> What is "yumbase.conf.yumvar['releasever']? Is that the name of a file?
> I could not locate anything with such a name on my computer, even
> stripping out the '['releasever']' part. I also looked through all the
> yum and packagekit configuration files and saw nothing resembling that...

It is a API and not a file.

> Maybe it's just me, but I cannot figure out how to file a bug anymore.


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