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Mike Wright wrote:
Hi all,

Back again and need your help.

Using f10.

I have the following error in /var/log/messages...

bonobo-activation-server (mike-3948): could not associate with desktop session: Failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-xc6twP0KeN: Connection refused
...and indeed there are no "dbus-*" entries in /tmp.

I have tried logout/login and reboot (retch; so m$)

Does anybody know what creates this "dbus" socket?

There are no references to bonobo or dbus in init.d. Where are these mysterious services invoked? From where and how are they controlled?

Thanks for any insight,

bloody idiot or bleeding on the edge, not sure which or both ;)
The dbus stuff is part of the "messagebus" service.  You should, as
root, "service messagebus start" to get it running.  To ensure it starts
at the next boot, "chkconfig messagebus on".

It's odd that it's not running.  You should check /var/log/messages to
see if there's something funny in there that caused it to crash.
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