Re: fingerprint login - some issues

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On 07/05/2009 11:42 AM, Alan Cox wrote:
>> But seriously, I've read about all sorts of things people have done to
>> fool fingerprint scanners, and seen some of them demonstrated.  I put no
>> faith in them to protect you when you need it.  And I put no faith in
>> them to stuff you around when you need access.

  Def a concern - I know the older ones would take a static image -
while the new ones actually need a scan which is a little harder to do
an image replay.

  Also, is the image stored in fedora or a one-way hash of the image ? I
assumed the latter ...tho of course using someone else's scanner leaves
one open.

  The same concern of course for retinal scanners as for fingerprints.

   And of course leaving all this lovely data unencrypted in an RFID
chip in your passport etc ...

   That all said - if we are gonna support it, lets at least make the
functionality more reasonable.


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