Re: gpk : why so many reboots??

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On Fri, 03 Jul 2009 17:02:55 +0100, Richard Hughes wrote:
>>        Is this really necessary?? Why???
> If it's telling you you have to reboot, then it probably is. Some things
> like the kernel or glibc you just can't logout-and-login to be running
> the new code. It's a choice in bodhi the packager chooses, which we pass
> on as a hint to the user.
> If it's telling you you have to log out and back in, it's because it's
> replaced an executable file that is running in your session like gimp or
> gnome-session. The only way to run the "new" code is to stop the process
> and start it again.

	Does it make that distinction? It says "restart" (tsk, tsk! Evil 
Empire jargon!) and shows a power button. I don't see a difference. 

	Of course I'd much rather just log out and back in. Am I missing 
some obvious tip-off? Or do you have to have Alpha Plus Technoid level 
savvy about every app it marks before you can tell?

	If I make it my default to log out and back in, am I going to 
stub both big toes and my nose the first time it isn't enough?

	Incidentally, btw, etc. : Bodhidsattva and Bodhidharma (as in the 
classic koan) I know from reading about Zen forty years ago; but bodhi as 
a linux app is completely new to me, afaik. The google hits I get are 
either dead ends ("No Such Project" lots of times) or over my head. It 
sounds as if it were another name for package-kit.

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