Re: gpk : why so many reboots??

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2009/7/3 Beartooth <[email protected]>:
>        One thing bugs me. It seems like practically every update I get
> has not one but several of those little icons telling me I have to reboot
> when the update finishes.
>        Is this really necessary?? Why???

If it's telling you you have to reboot, then it probably is. Some
things like the kernel or glibc you just can't logout-and-login to be
running the new code. It's a choice in bodhi the packager chooses,
which we pass on as a hint to the user.

If it's telling you you have to log out and back in, it's because it's
replaced an executable file that is running in your session like gimp
or gnome-session. The only way to run the "new" code is to stop the
process and start it again.


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