lots of pre-F10 packages in f10

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I just noticed that my Fedora 10 X86_64 installation DVD has a fair number 
of packages labelled fc9 rather than fc10.  In fact some are

1 is fc6
8 are fc7
16 are fc8
355 are fc9
2272 are fc10

Why would the packagers not rebuild all packages for a release?  Is
there not a risk that some of these packages would be built against
libraries that have changed?  I didn't think that the ABI for fc9 was
supported by fc10.

It turns out that all fc[678] packages included are "noarch".  So this
is *probably* safe, but not guaranteed.

I came across this when I could not boot the Fedora 10 Live CD and
found that the problem was in the savage X11 viddeo driver.  That
driver is an fc9 package.


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