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dfeustel wrote:
>> I have been using Maple in Fedora for some years from the old v9.5 days
>> and
>> before - install used to occasionally have issues, and Maple 11 in F9
>> needed
>> some tricks with editing some config files associated with java to get it
>> to
>> work.  
>> However Maple 12 installs rapidly and efficiently in Maple 12.  Many of
>> the
>> problems associated with Maple 11 have been fixed in Maple 12, and this
>> version works faster and cleaner in F10 than any previous linux version.
>> I also know that the Mathematica app will install in Linux but I have
>> been
>> too lazy to try it out especially since Maple 12 works so well in F10. By
>> the way I teach using Maple so I do need to have it working - and I can
>> recommend it.
> Thanks for the comments. I am about to order Maple 12 and I'm trying to
> decide between 32/64-bit implementations on either F9 or Suse 11. My
> initial purpose in getting Maple is to be able to do symbolic
> tensor/differential
> geometry calculations in general relativity as documented at

Yes Maple 12 does have a quite sophisticated tensor package and can do
calculations of the tensor calculus needed for GR. In fact there is an
example worksheet on the Maplesoft website that you can have a look at as an
html file that will give you some idea of its capabilities.

However discussion of this should perhaps not be extended on this forum as
Maple as someone else has pointed out is not Open Source - however it will
likely suit your needs rather well.
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