Re: Samba access problems from virtual machine to F10

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On Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 1:13 PM, Craig White <[email protected]> wrote:
>> >> I have VMware Server installed here to have a Windows2000 virtual
>> >> machine. It used to work fine until recently: cannot transfer files
>> >> between the virtual machine and F10 through samba (getting always the
>> >> message "The network path was not found" whenever I try to access,
>> >> from Windows2000", the samba shared F10 directory).
>> >>
>> >> Any ideas?
>> >
>> > My smb.conf file:
>> >
>> > [intercambio]
>> >        path = /home/psmith/intercambio
>> >        writeable = yes
>> >        browseable = yes
>> >        valid users = psmith
>> And the shared directory is [intercambio].
> ----
> smb.conf with every comment is kind of painful. Next time, execute (as
> root), 'testparm -s > /tmp/smb-conf.txt' which removes all of the
> comments. Executing this command should also provide clues on obvious
> missed configuration options.
> Since you haven't set a Netbios name, what do you get from the VM host
> when you execute 'smbclient -L $SAMBA_HOSTNAME -U%' ? Does it list the
> 'intercambio' share?

Thanks, Craig. The problem is now solved: it was caused by the virtual
machine firewall.


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