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Tim wrote:
> On Tue, 2009-03-10 at 09:56 -0500, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>> I am surprised that you could not run them through the laser
>> printer. I do it all the time, and I have never had problems. Do you
>> also have problems running envelopes through that printer?
> I've never dared.  They're hard enough to get to go neatly through a
> simple typewriter, while manually cranking, never mind the twists and
> turns that lasers have in their paper path.  Not to mention the expense
> involved if you stuff it up.
One nice thing about Avery labels - if you use their labels in the
type of printer the labels are for, (inkjet or laser) and it jams up
the printer, they will send someone out to fix it for free. I don't
think this covers running the same sheet through more then once, but
it covers the rest. I have not had to use this service, but one of
my sisters did. She was really surprised, because the labels that
caused the problems were kind of old...

But I have not looked to see if this warranty is only in the United
States, or world wide.

> I have tried putting envelopes though the inkjet, when I still had it.
> They'd often jam, as the thickness of the envelope is not uniform, and
> they'd start to move off kilter, going diagonally through the mechanism.
> If I had a need for mass posting, I'd buy those envelopes with the clear
> window, and print the first page to suit.
While I have done envelopes in inkjets, I prefer to do then in a
laser printer. I have not had the need for it, but I am supposed to
be able to put envelopes in my paper feed try of my Brother laser

>> On the other hand, I always use the manual feed, and do not try to
>> put them in the paper cartridge, so maybe that is the difference. I
>> can see having problems picking up the label sheets from a paper
>> cartridge.
> I've tried labels, the sheets are just too thick.  They'd jam because of
> that, or literally get stuck.  Even with manual feed, which only has one
> u-bend in the paper travel.  And even simple paper/card is a problem,
> despite still being within the specs of the printer.  Mind you, I'm not
> using the latest printers, it's a HP LaserJet 4L.
I have printed envelops with a Laserjet II, Laserjet IIIp, and
Laserjet 6L, as well as a Brother MFC-7820N. I had one printer that
was a straight shot through if you were using manual feed, and
opened up a door in the back - you could adjust it for just about
any thickness of paper. (I think is was a dot matrix printer.) The
6L works well for thicker card stock with manual feed because it
does not make a U bend - just one 60 degree bend.

Things like business card stock work in all of them. I have lost
tract of the number of cards I have printed over the years.

For inkjet printers, I think the HP printers are about the worst.
They require the paper to make a tight U bend. I have had better
luck with the Lexmark printers - the paper path is more like the
Laserjet 6L, so the labels stay on the paper, and feed through straight.


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