Re: Evolution throwing away emails for one of my accounts ?

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2009/3/10 David <[email protected]>:
> A 'feature' of Gmail is that it does not 'return' to you *from* a
> mailing list a copy of a post you make *to* a mailing list.
> Great feature? I think not.
It's because it considers the incoming message to be the same as the
one already in your Sent folder because the Message ID is common. I
presume that's a design decision so that a message only takes up one
unit of space no matter how many GMail labels are applied to it.

The way I get around this is to filter to:[email protected] and
apply a "Lists/fedora" label. That appears as an IMAP sub-folder and
when I view that label in the Gmail web interface or in a real client
it shows all my messages to the list.

The only downside is that it doesn't consider them "new" messages, so
when I view that folder/label my messages are already read - but as I
tend to read them as I write them, I don't consider that a massive
drawback ;o)

I've been using GMail for all my mail (it pulls from my other accounts
via POP3) for about 3 months and I am generally very happy. At work I
use Thunderbird via IMAP to read it, but everywhere else I use the web
interface and I haven't found anything I want to do that Gmail can't
at least reasonably approximate.


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