Re: DST, will Fedora change the time on the fly?

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On Sat, 2009-03-07 at 22:02 -0800, Antonio Olivares wrote:
> Since Last year they changed the DST dates, they caused chaos and
> removed the traditional Last Sunday in March and Last Sunday in
> November

Same thing, here.  We can no-longer use a set of predictable rules, and
need to have pre-programmed dates.  The tzdata gets updated from time to
time, to accommodate changes such as these.  It's a fair bet that
changes to countries like the US are kept up with, with their large
number of users keeping an eye out for that sort of thing.  You can
check the changelog for your tzdata package for that sort of thing.

[[email protected] ~]$ rpm -q --changelog tzdata|less
* Sat Jan 24 2009 Petr Machata <[email protected]> - 2009a-1
- Upstream 2009a
  - Fix Asia/Kathmandu spelling
  - Historical timestamps for Switzerland and Cuba
  - DST update for America/Resolute

* Fri Oct 31 2008 Petr Machata <[email protected]> - 2008i-1
- Upstream 2008i
  - Updates for Argentina: Drop DST in zones America/Argentina/Jujuy,
    La_Rioja, San_Juan, Catamarca, Mendoza, Rio_Gallegos, Ushuaia; new
    zone America/Argentina/Salta (for provinces SA, LP, NQ, RN).


Yes, your computer will manage your date and clock by itself, if you
have the right timezone settings and data.  You shouldn't have any
problems, unless you dual-boot, and your other OS decides to do
corrections upon corrections.

[[email protected] ~]$ uname -r

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