Re: pidgin startup data

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Tim <[email protected]> writes:
> I'm guessing that a list visible was left unset,

Good call.

   <pref name='list_visible' type='bool' value='0'/>

> and show system tray icon was set at never, in the ~/.purple/prefs.xml
> file.

I don't immediately see any variable by that name (or similar) in my old
or new prefs.  (Maybe that's the problem if it defaults to value='0' ?)

Well, one good thing came out of my spelunking in pidgins bowels.  I
noticed that I could clear out the silly non-emacs keybindings in the IM
window while still retaining them elsewhere by editing ~/.purple/accels.
Wolfgang S. Rupprecht      (ipv6-only)
         You may need to config 6to4 to see the above pages.

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