Re: Dmaged xterm in Fedora 10

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Reg Clemens wrote:
> This has to be a well known problem, since it has occurred in both fc9 and 
> fc10.
> When using XTERMS under the TWM window manager in fc9 and fc10 there is
> garbage in the window, but my searches with GOOGLE have not turned up anything.
> If one opens one window, fine.
> If one opens a second window that overlaps the first window fine.
> But when one MOVES the top window, it takes with it blue and yellow lines from
> where the edges of the underlying window were.
> Now a 'clear' will clean up most of these lines,- at least the lines in the
> interior of the window, but it leaves the marks on the edges.
> This should not be necessary.
> So, this appears to be more of an X11 problem than an actual Fedora problem,
> any idea when its going to be fixed?  
> Or are there fixes out there (somewhere)?
> And yes, twm is an OLD window manager, but its light weight and works fine for
> my applications.

Have you placed a bugzilla against twm,
it's the best way to get the attention of the developers\maintaniers.


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