Re: KDE 4.2 requires local MySQL Server

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On Tue, 2009-02-17 at 02:38 -0600, Arthur Pemberton wrote:
>  > Well, you learn something new every day. I was searching for Kabc,
> not
> > kabc.
> I didn't think yum search was case-sensitive, that may be a bug.

I didn't use yum search. To absolutely sure, I used 'locate Kabc'. Of
course I should have used 'locate -i kabc'.

And in fact both 'yum search Kabc' and 'yum search kabc' turn up
nothing. Which is not surprising given that Kabc (kabc) is not a
package, it's part of kdepimlibs.

> > I still don't use it though, nor Kontact, nor Knotes, nor Kmail. So
> why
> > am I running akonadi? I occasionally run Konqueror and Dolphin.
> Would
> > that explain it?
> I don't think so, then again I haven't noticed this akonadi as yet, if
> it is running, it's been quiet.

pgrep -fl akonadi


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