KDE 4.2 requires local MySQL Server

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	Hi folks,

most people with automatic updates might not have noticed, but if
you look closer, the recent bunch of updates, including KDE 4.2,
installs the MySQL server on the machine (and some other database
related stuff which MySQL depends on).

It's the "akonadi" package that requires a MySQL server to run.
Google shows that there's been a long discussion about this issue
some months ago. Unfortunately, akonadi cannot be uninstalled,
because that will break a lot of KDE dependencies.

Is there an easy way around it? An end-user desktop environment
requires a full-blown local database to be setup and run. Wow, I
didn't know that so many users are professional database admins
and know what to do. No KDE without MySQL.

For now, the KDE 4.2 stuff can be ignored:

 yum update -x akonadi -x 'kde*' -x 'PyKDE*' -x ksysguardd -x oxygen-icon-theme

Of couse, KDE updates cannot be ignored forever ...

Is this MySQL dependency by intention? Couldn't find anything
helpful on this or on the devel mailing list, although this is
a big issue, IMHO.

	Confused ... Andreas

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