Re: Please help! Lost my LVM VG...

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Andrew Junev wrote:
/var/log/messages doesn't contain any information about that problem.
The error happened too early during boot - so that the data didn't get
into the log files (disks were mounted in read-only mode).
You can work around this by commenting out the file systems on the
problem VG from the fstab and allowing the system to boot normally.
You should find bootup messages in /var/log/boot.log (or dmesg) and
Anyway, the problem does not appear anymore. I just restarted the
system several times (including complete power-down / power-up cycle),
to be sure.
Cool - at least you'll be prepared if it ever happens again :-)

I don't know what the reason was, but it seem to be fixed now!

Thank you very-very-very much for your help!!!
Np! Glad it's working!


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