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Gene Heskett wrote:
> I have never figured out why you people hate fdisk so much.  Back when you 
> called it disk druid or some such it was a PIMA, and while the face is now a 
> lot prettier, it is just as terminally broken in its heart as ever.
Maybe this from the fdisk man page will help:

There are several *fdisk programs around. Each has its problems and
strengths Try them in the order cfdisk, fdisk, sfdisk. (Indeed,
cfdisk is a beautiful program that has strict requirements on the
partition tables it accepts, and produces high quality  partition
tables. Use it if you can. fdisk is a buggy program that does fuzzy
things - usually it happens to produce reasonable results. Its
single advantage is  that it has some support for BSD disk labels
and other non-DOS partition tables. Avoid it if you can. sfdisk is
for hackers only - the user  interface is terrible, but it is more
correct than fdisk and more powerful than both fdisk and cfdisk.
Moreover, it can be  used  noninteractively.)

These days there also is parted. The cfdisk interface is nicer, but
parted does much more: it not only resizes  partitions, but also the
filesystems that live in them.


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