installing Fedora 10 from USB Disk On Key

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  I have downloaded Fedora 10  installation iso.

  I want to install it from USB disk on key as my DVDrom is not working.

Will this work:
 dd if=linux_f10_iso.iso of=/dev/sdb and boot will start installation ?
and then boot from the USB disk on key (after setting the BIOS to boot
from USB disk on key, which is possible with my motherboard)

(/dev/sdb is my USB disk on key).

Second question:
suppose I take a live cd of Feodra 9 and then try to install fedora 10
iso (from the HD) - will such thing work?
Or **MUST** I use a live cd of the same version as the Fedora which I
want to install (namely, the live cd and the fedora iso (which is on the
disk) I am installing must be of the same version, namely fedora  10?


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