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Tod Thomas wrote:
> I have an external, USB connected, SATA drive divided into two
> partitions with labels SATA1, SATA2.  I'd like to set up autofs to
> automount the drive when I plug it into the USB port and power it up.
> In auto.master I have:
> /mnt /etc/auto.misc --timeout 60
> and in /etc/auto.misc I have:
> sata1    -fstype=ext3   :SATA1
> sata2    -fstype=ext3   :SATA2
> I restarted autofs, no luck.  Is there a way to automount my drive using
> just the labels?
> Thanks - Tod
Dumb question - what error message do you get when you try do "cd
/misc/sata1"? Automount does not mount anything until you try to
access it. It does not mount your drive just because you plugged it in.


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