Re: F10+ Burn multiple discs concurrent from iso?

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Frank Murphy wrote:
> Bill Davidsen wrote:
>>> Am thinking maybe quad core cpu,
>> Probably more than you would ever need, burning isn't all that CPU
>> intensive.
>> I see about 5% burning two DVD at once.
>>> with possibly 32mb ram.
>> Hope that's a typo... You probably want 100-200MB/burner.
> Typo 32gb ram

Much more than needed.
Even if you are burning a 9GB iso, a machine with "only" 10-12GB
will be able to cache the entire iso and never touch the disk
while burning.
Avoiding disk access is a good thing and can be necessary
if you really want to push a lot of data. For example,
assuming 16x burning speed (which you will not reach
on the entire disc surface) you will need 20MB/s per burner.
If you have a lot of burners (16?) you are feeding
320MB/s and this is beyond the speed of a single hard disk
or a basic RAID setup.
So you will have to cache the entire iso in RAM and
with a certain assurance that it will remain in RAM.
In that case I'd go for 16GB of RAM, no swap, and the iso
copied to a tmpfs filesystem (which is RAM).

But if you are not aiming at such extreme scenarios,
I bet that running the burning tools from a command line
will work perfectly with hardware a lot cheaper than what
you are thinking.

This looks like a fun project.
I'm trying to imagine the noise and the vibrations
with 10-16 hi speed burners stacked one upon another.

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