Re: VMware server 2.0, /usr/src/linux?

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No go, 

# package-cleanup --cleandupes
Setting up yum
Loaded plugins: kernel-module, refresh-packagekit
No dupes to clean

After doing so more digging I found /boot/ existed.  Very strange file permissions though,

-????????? ? ?    ?          ?                ?

# rm -rf
rm: cannot remove `': Stale NFS file handle

I never even had NFS running on this system, it is a new build.  The file permissions are the same in single user mode.  If I boot from a rescue disc the file is not listed.  I have been a UNIX Admin for many years and have never seen something like this.

- Jamie

On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 7:32 AM, Christopher A. Williams <[email protected]> wrote:
On Tue, 2009-01-20 at 07:15 -0700, Jamie Bohr wrote:
> I found a problem, don't know if it is related but
> kernel- fails to install with the
> following error below.
> # yum update
> .....
> Downloading Packages:
> kernel-
> |  20 MB     00:28
> ============================================================ Entering
> rpm code ============================================================
> Running rpm_check_debug
> Member: kernel.x86_64 0- - i
> Adding Package kernel- in mode i
> rpm_check_debug time: 0.065
> Running Transaction Test
> Member: kernel.x86_64 0- - i
> Adding Package kernel- in mode i
> Finished Transaction Test
> Transaction Test Succeeded
> Transaction Test time: 0.160
> Member: kernel.x86_64 0- - i
> Adding Package kernel- in mode i
> Running Transaction
>   Installing     : kernel
> 1/1
> Error unpacking rpm package kernel-
> error: unpacking of archive failed on
> file /boot/ cpio: rename
> Warning: scriptlet or other non-fatal errors occurred during
> transaction.
> Running "posttrans" handler for "refresh-packagekit" plugin
> Transaction time: 0.373
> ============================================================ Leaving
> rpm code =============================================================
> Installed:
>   kernel.x86_64 0:
> #
> # rpm -q -a kernel
> kernel-
> You can see that kernel- is NOT installed only kernel-
> is.
> Any one know what the error above means?

Looks like something didn't install cleanly a few updates ago.

I would suggest using package-cleanup to fix it:

# package-cleanup --cleandupes

Once that's done, re-run yum update and see if that clears the problem.
If not, we may have to resort to more aggressive tactics. The good news
is this definitely can be fixed (voice of personal experience).



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