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2009/1/20 Mikkel L. Ellertson <[email protected]>:
> I would suspect that either your BIOS does not support supplying the
> speed information, or the memory module itself does not report it.
> Also, some modules are "backward compatible" and support slower
> speeds as well as their rated speed. (pc3200, pc2700, pc2100 for
> example.) SO the module can not report the speed, and if the BIOS
> does not report the speed the module is running at, you are out of luck.

After I came across this thread, I installed dmidecode and checked on
my machine. It reports unknown in my case too. However I can see the
info from my windows install using cpuz.

However I have to mention, my mother board and RAM are pretty bleeding
edge. Its a Gigabyte P45 board with 2x2GB Corsair 1066 MHz RAM. So
could it be, dmidecode has trouble reporting all the data for newer


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