getting the speed of the RAM

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I have a couple of machines on which there are various
fedora distros (F10, F9 and  F8) and redhat enterprise distros.

On some of them lm_sensors run, on some lm_sensors does not run.

I try to get the speed of the RAM using dmidecode and lshw but I can't. I do
get other helpful about the RAM (like size, type, etc). but the speed
entry shows: "Current Speed: Unknown". I had heard from other people that
on their machines dmidecode **does** show the RAM Speed. I must add that
these machines are x86_64 based, and some of them are really brand new.
I know of course that I can get this info from BIOS (or open the case and
look at the RAM sticks themselves) .

Is there any utility or some entry under /sys or /proc where this info
is available ?


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