Re: Hosed fstab, won't boot how to edit?

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Robert Moskowitz wrote:
Ron Siven wrote:
Robert Moskowitz wrote:
So I mistyped noatime in /etc/fstab; wished there was a way to test this first!
Anyway, since this is my ASUS Eee and my swap is on the SD card, by
pulling the SD card the boot halts and puts me into Repair
Filesystem mode.
Thing is /etx fstab is readonly. vi fstab won't let me save the file.

I really don't want to do a complete reinstall yet. I want to buy a 8Gb SD card first (and next time I am putting /usr on the SD card). So how can I edit this?

If this is the same as rescue mode booting from the CD/DVD, the file system is mounted to /mnt/sysimage. To get root access, use chroot /mnt/sysimage. Then use vim to edit /etc/fstab
The prompt is:

(Repair filesystem) n #

Where n is a command number it seems. I had to provide the root password to get into this mode.
As for 'chroot /mnt/sysimage', I get:

chroot: cannot change root directory to /mnt/sysimage: No such file or directory

Do you have the CD/DVD that you installed from to boot with? From there
you can specify rescue mode and use the method I described above.

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