how to identify the missing perl module to be installed

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  is there a quick way to map a perl module to its corresponding
package to be installed?  someone just dumped a perl script on one of
my systems, and it fails with:

  "Can't locate IO/Uncompress/ in @INC ... etc etc "

fair enough, so which of the perl module packages would i need to
install?  taking a shot in the dark, on one of my other systems, i

$ yum search perl-IO-Compress
... snip ...
perl-IO-Compress-Base.i386 : Base Class for IO::Compress modules
perl-IO-Compress-Bzip2.noarch : Perl interface to allow reading and writing of bzip2 data
perl-IO-Compress-Zlib.i386 : Perl interface to allow reading and writing of gzip and zip data

$ rpm -qi perl-IO-Compress-Base
This module is the base class for all IO::Compress and IO::Uncompress

  so that kind of gives it away, but what if i wasn't such a lucky
guesser?  is there a mapping utility from module to RPM package?


Robert P. J. Day
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