Re: KVM Switch Suggestions -- Are The Ebay Cheapies Okay?

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Robert L Cochran wrote:
Are the no-name-brand, two-port, USB 2.0 PS2 KVM switch boxes with two
cables which sell for $14.99 and free shipping on EBay any good? Here is
an example: item 140294824343 from seller insidecomputer. Recent
discussions (from 2007) suggest IOGear and Trendnet switches as good
brands. If I can get a cheap switch that works, though, I'm willing to
do it.


Bob Cochran
Greenbelt, Maryland, USA

avoid them. i bought one on ebay - a cheap USB one. it did two things:
prevented Fedora from being able to read the modes from the monitor so I couldn't get proper resolution and, even worse, killed every usb port on my system. i now have to get a PCI usb card in order to use any USB device.
so, yeah, i wouldn't bother.

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