Re: How do I allow regular user access to ttyUSB0 ?

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On Thu, 2009-01-08 at 10:35 -0900, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> I need to allow regular user access to ttyUSB0.  How do I
> > do this ?
> Try this:
> In the F10 Gnome desktop
> System Menu->System->Authorizations
> In the Authorizations gui tree select
> org->freedesktop->hal->device access->serial modems
> Change the authorizations to whatever you like. You can open to all
> users you can open to just the active console user, you can select
> users.  For the sake of testing open it up to anyone without needing
> authentication. Once that is modified try plugging in the usb serial
> device and seeing if access works for your user.

This worked.  Thanks for the tip.  I'm glad I asked.  I was about to
hand edit things.  This is much nicer.

For the record, it was in System-> Preferences->System->Authorizations.

For the KDE users out there, the application is called
polkit-gnome-authorization.  It might be possible to run it from the
command line.  I am not aware of a similar application in KDE.

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