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Nigel Henry wrote:
> On Tuesday 30 December 2008 17:33, Paul Smith wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> After some updates, the volume of audio became too low. Any ideas? I
>> am using F10.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Paul
> Hi Paul.
> As usual I suspect Pulseaudio as the culprit, as it can be responsible for low 
> volume levels.
> First though, open alsamixer as user in a terminal, as below.
> alsamixer -D hw:0
> Assuming that your card is card0, this should show all sliders for your 
> soundcard. Check for ones like, Master, PCM, Front, CD, which should be up.
> If all's ok in alsamixer, try disabling Pulseaudio (unless you particularly 
> want it), by removing the package, alsa-plugins-pulseaudio, then reboot, and 
> see if the sound levels are any better.
> All the best.

To the developers and those in charge of producing Fedora. *Please* when
you release Fedora 11 set all of the volume levels to maximum and play
really *loud* sounds that are recorded at really *loud* levels so that
the Fedora users can stop beating up on Pulseaudio that is default set
to not blast the cones off of their computer speakers.  ;-)

Then we call all read about the sounds being too load. <even bigger> ;-)
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