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On Tue, 16 Dec 2008 21:58:27 +0000 (UTC)
Beartooth <[email protected]> wrote:

> 	I want to try out LinuxMint; and the natural place to do
> that, here, is with dual boot on a Thinkpad 30 -- where F10 is
> already installed.
> 	I tried several times with LM5 on a CD -- and it insisted 
> stubbornly on all or nothing: install LM as sole OS, or go to Redmond.
> 	I hunted all over the LM main site. It fought like a cornered
> rat against letting me search for 'dual boot' -- and then wouldn't
> let me exclude XP, Vista, or both.
> 	So I ask here as a last resort. Can it be done? How??

Assuming that you already have some space on your hard drive, here's
how I handle the *buntu derivatives:

1) Don't click on the "Install" icon. Open a terminal and enter
ubiquity --no-migration-assistant. Otherwise it will hang. (I think
it's looking for windows stuff or some such. Fat chance that it will
find any here.)

2) Choose manual partitioning. (BTW, if you have a separate /boot
partition for F10, don't tell Mint about it, as it will insist on
formatting it, thereby killing your Fedora installation). And don't
bother fiddling with swap; Mint will find and use it.

3) Just before it gets ready to format whatever partitions it's going
to occupy, it will put up a screen saying what it intends to do. My
advice would be to tell it to put grub in the partition containing
Mint's /.

4) In case Mint doesn't eject the CD at the end of the install, don't
panic; let the CD reboot and then choose the boot from hd option in the
start menu which will get you into Fedora.

5) Point your editor to Fedora's /boot/grub/grub.conf and add a stanza:

title Mint
root (hd0,x) [if mint is located in sda6, for example, then x is 5]
chainloader +1

If you put this above the Fedora stanzas, then the system will boot
Mint by default. If that's not what you want, then put it anywhere
below the first Fedora stanza.

You should also comment out the "hiddenmenu" line and be sure the
timeout value is 10.

6) This is a good time to make sure that Mint didn't mess up the swap
partition by assigning it a new UUID. If it did, the easiest fix is to
edit Fedora's fstab to replace the UUID bit with /dev/sdn where n is
the appropriate value for your system.

7) You should be good to go.

-- cmg

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