grub boot fails - sees wrong fs type

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in another box, lost power supply due to 'bad caps syndrome'.

moved hard drives from old box to new box and ran 'cp -a' and 'rsync' to move
old systems files to backup drive.

reformatted partitions and ran 'cp -a' and 'rsync' to move old systems files
to new drive.

for moving distribs from backup drive to new drive.

old:	sys	fs type			size
hda1	sl5.4	ext3	 journalized	2g50
hda2	swap				512m
- ----
hdb1	home	ext3	 journalized
- ----
hdc1	boot	reiserfs journalized	78m0
hdc2	swap
hdc3	f8s	ext3	 journalized	4g20
hdc5	home	reiserfs journalized	9g40
hdc6	f8	ext3	 journalized	4g20
hda1	sl5.4	ext3	 journalized	4g012
hda2	swap				512m0
hda5	home	ext3	 journalized	14g651
- ----
hdb1	boot	reiserfs journalized	518m0
hdb2	swap				1g024
hdb5	f8s	ext3	 journalized	4g008
hdb6		ext3	 journalized	4g008
hdb7	m2k6	reiserfs journalized	4g103
hdb8	m2k7.1	reiserfs journalized	4g103
hdb9	m2k8.1	reiserfs journalized	4g103
hdb10	home	reiserfs journalized	4g103
- ----
hdc1	backup	reiserfs journalized	117g237

note: grub is setup to use hdb1 as initial boot partition, not boot drive.
note: hdb5/6 were 'reiserfs journalized', reformatted to 'ext3 journalized'.

in new box, sl5.4 and m2k's boot ok. f8s fails boot with error messages;

Creating root device
Mounting root filesystem
Reiserfs: sdb5: warning; sh-2021 reiserfs_fill_super: cannot find reiserfs \
  on sdb5
mount: error mounting /dev/root on /sysroot as reiserfs: invalid argument
Setting up other file systems
Setting up new root fs
Setup root: moving /dev failed: no such file or directory
No fstab.sys, mounting internal defaults
Setup root: error mounting /proc: no such file or directory
Setup root: error mounting /sys: no such file or directory
Switching to new root and running init
Unmounting old /dev
Unmounting old /proc
Unmounting old /sys
Switchroot: mount failed: No such file or directory
Booting has failed

read 'grub manual', 'man grub', and 'man grub-install', trying both to
correct. still fails.

it appears that grub is not getting hdb5 fs type correct.

what arguments do i need to pass to grub for it to get hdb5 correct?

or should i wipe hdb1 '/boot/grub' and reinstall?

peace out.



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