Re: Folderview doesn't work with nvidia. Was prevent people from making mistakes?

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On Sun, Dec 7, 2008 at 6:41 PM, Linuxguy123 <[email protected]> wrote:
So why are the developers writing software for hardware that doesn't
have a working driver ?

Does that sound production ready ?

And it isn't just that folderview runs slow.  In KDE4.1.3, it totally
freezes my UI.


Again, is this a PRODUCTION READY strategy ?

Leaving the end user screwed.
Yeah, but Fedora is responsible for shipping PRODUCTION READY stuff.
And if folderview doesn't work with nvidia hardware, I'd hardly call

If you bothered to search the nVidia forums instead of just screaming like a 3 y/o that had is candy taken from him, you'd known that is a known regression in the nVidia drivers and the can more-or-less solved by passing exactly two parameters to nvidia-settings.

I coule have take the time to post the actual parameters (which I use, on all my F9 and F10 machines), but given your rude behaviour, I see little reason to help you.

- Gilboa
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