Re: Folderview doesn't work with nvidia. Was prevent people from making mistakes?

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On Sun, Dec 7, 2008 at 10:41 AM, Linuxguy123 <[email protected]> wrote:
> On Sun, 2008-12-07 at 04:10 +0100, Kevin Kofler wrote:
>> Linuxguy123 wrote:
>> > So I entered a bugzilla report on this issue and did a bit of background
>> > research.  The
>> > developer's response ?  They tagged the bug as UNFIXABLE.
>> Because that's what it is, the bug is in a proprietary driver we do not have
>> the source for, there's no way we can fix anything in it.
> So why are the developers writing software for hardware that doesn't
> have a working driver ?

Well, they aren't writing software for hardware. They aren't being
paid to write for Nvidia or something. They just write software to

> Does that sound production ready ?

You've used that enough that I nolonger know what it means.

> And it isn't just that folderview runs slow.  In KDE4.1.3, it totally
> freezes my UI.

Well it doesn't freeze for me with my Nvidia card.

>> Next time buy hardware with Free (as in speech) drivers.
> And which laptop available high performance video card would that be ?

In all fairness, I can't say I completely agree with Kevin here as
Nvidia often works best despite the nature of their drivers. And
Nvidia has already acted to fix the flaws in their drivers exposed by

>> > Do they create a mini application to help the end user tune their video
>> > card to work properly ?  Nope.
>> How can we do this when the hardware is undocumented and the driver is
>> proprietary?
> The KDE FAQ states a few options that users have to tune their xorg.conf
> files.  A simple app that added or removed those options from a GUI
> would be greatly appreciated.   So would mention of this issue in the
> F10 Release Notes.
>> > Do they state that they have contacted NVidia and the issue is being
>> > sorted out ?  Nope.
>> Why should we? It's up to you to contact NVidia (which is what we told you
>> to do).
> Again, is this a PRODUCTION READY strategy ?
>> > Do they provide tips or a different version of folderview for people who
>> > have video cards that don't support acceleration ?  Nope.
>> We provide a version of folderview which works with any graphics card with
>> working drivers. If the driver is buggy, the driver needs to be fixed, not
>> the folder view.
> Leaving the end user screwed.

Possibly leaving you screwed. At this point, I'm not sure you know
what the problem is. And you seem to pretending that they the KDE devs
knowingly did this.

>> And it doesn't really use that much in terms of acceleration, as far as I
>> know it's just basic XRender, not even OpenGL.
>> And there haven't actually been _any_ changes to the folderview applet
>> between KDE 4.1.2 and 4.1.3, your regression must come from somewhere else
>> (different version of the NVidia driver maybe?).
> I'm an end user.  Should I have to look at code and regression stuff to
> figure out what changed as to why folderview doesn't work.

No. You just need to look at yum.log to see what packages were updated
before your problems arose.

>> > The user is left to figure things out for themselves.  Go manually play
>> > around with your xorg.conf file.  Which has been the norm for nvidia
>> > users since RH8 days, except that livna, now RPMFusion finally came to
>> > the rescue recently.
>> That's because proprietary drivers are not, have never been and will never
>> be supported in Fedora.
> Yeah, but Fedora is responsible for shipping PRODUCTION READY stuff.
> And if folderview doesn't work with nvidia hardware, I'd hardly call

Well. You'll have to point me to where it says that on the Fedora website.

Look, you're being silly now. For your sake, I just pulled up a
desktop, open the widget list, and dragged a folder view onto my
desktop. My Nvidia card nor my KDE desktop has yet exploded. I
generally don't like stuff on my desktop, but I'll leave this one on
for your sake to see if it explodes.

So obviously, this is not a mainstream scenario, but one which needs
data to track down. Or more than likely, a driver update from Nvidia.
Are you even running Nvidia's drivers? Or nv?

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